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My name is Cissi. At the age of 17, I started with my studies as a translator and interpreter at the University of Antwerp, which I completed in 1991 (master). Then I went to University in Strasbourg, France for a year. I have also studied and worked in Spain, Greece and Italy. 

* In addition to the paintings, I perform interpreting/translation work on request for the languages ​​English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Modern Greek.

Furthermore I have specialized in:

Menopause in men and women. Why many women between 40-50 get (mental) problems and burnout and how you can prevent menopausal symptoms with your lifestyle, by avoiding stress and with a natural nutrition. The power of bioidentical hormones as a vital supplement for extra life quality during the menopause ('experience expert' since 2015; member of the hormone network Munich)

* A holistic, preventive view at health and happiness, and the self healing capacity of our body. Because almost all illnesses and ailments arise from a lack of rest (stress), pent-up emotions (energy not flowing) and a lack of the right nutrients. The power of Vit. D3 and cod liver oil.

* Rest, regularity, and a nutritious diet as a prerequisite from infancy for emotional stability later in life.

Peace of body and mind
and a natural nutrition
have a direct influence
on our feelings, thoughts and choices
and therefore on Health and Happiness

'Happiness comes from Contentment'  (Taupe STUDIO garden)

My inspiration: the art of being content
I am a content, grateful and happy person, I have a strong connection with nature, people and animals and I feel privileged to be able to take so much pleasure from the smallest, everyday things. That’s where I get my inspiration. ​
For my paintings, I work with acrylic on linen canvas and 45 mm thick aluminium frames. My work is abstract and my style is characterised by the thick paint, the large size and the sides of the canvas, which are also painted in detail.  
I just created my first painting one day in 2010, I am an autodidact in every respect and I believe that, with self-confidence, willpower and simple hard work, anything is possible. When you put passion and commitment into something, it’s all great fun and good things come your way. My style developed naturally after that and the paintings now find their way to other countries too. 
Choosing painting has meant there is hardly any stress in my life - one of the greatest pathogens of our time - and I have plenty of time for other people. I want to create moments of happiness and inspire people to be mindful and live in the moment more, through a wonderful combination of colours and composition. 


Life is like a camera:
Focus on what's important
Capture the good times
Develop from the negatives
And if things don't work out
Take another shot

Making choices and scaling back
I am convinced that - by daring to make choices consciously and before it’s too late - we can have a lot of control over our lives and our own happiness. We just keep rushing on through our crazy, overfull society, where there is too much of everything. We are always busy but can't see the fact that we ourselves are the cause of this. We derive most of our identity from what’s on the outside.
I think this is largely because of the internet and social media, but we ourselves want to keep too many plates spinning too. It has caused a lot of stress and superficiality, which means that we don't pay enough genuine attention to one another, our children and the things we do. 
I believe in a life closer to nature and in scaling back: being content (with less), finding peace in yourself and your own home, moments of calm spent together at the dinner table, live and let live, in short: quality over quantity.

Happiness is a way of travel
not a destination

Being friendly
By living my life in a positive and disarming way and passing this on to others, I try to inspire people to do the same wherever possible. If we could all be a little bit friendlier and mild, do more for each other and accept each other as we are, everything around us would immediately seem so much brighter. A smile or just a little compliment, you'll see that it spreads like wildfire and you get twice as much back. Karma!




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