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The 'Person Behind' 
In 1987, at the age of 17 I started with my studies as a translator and interpreter in French, Spanish and Modern Greek at the University of Antwerp, which I completed in 1991. I have also studied, lived and worked in many different international cities such as Strasbourg, Salamanca, Thessaloniki and Milan. As well as Taupe STUDIO, I carry out translation and interpreting work on a freelance basis. 
I love challenges, thinking out of the box and I am convinced that if you do things with Passion, you can take pleasure from everything! I'm a live-and-let-live type, what you see is what you get, I believe in perseverance and willpower and: a deal is a deal.

'Happiness comes from Contentment'  (Taupe STUDIO garden)

I'm a happy and contended person. I have a strong connection with nature and animals and I feel privileged to be able to take so much pleasure from the smallest, everyday things and find beauty in all areas of life. Working in my green garden with the chickens is a wonderful quiet moment. I believe in enjoying all that life has to offer, I’m a true culinary freak and I love unusual food and special wines, I can lose myself in music that touches me and I love combining beautiful colours every day. 
I'm fascinated by old architecture and objects, like castles, fossils, natural stones and gems, but also how things are made (crafts and technology). Entrepreneurship and business economics have my special interest, as well as organic food, natural medicine 
and the interaction between mind and body. 
I am amazed by the diversity in people, who are all beautiful in their own different way and all have their own story... There are so many inspiring things if you just look for them!

By living my life in a positive and disarming way and passing this on to others, I try to inspire people to do the same wherever possible. If we could all be a little bit friendlier and mild, do more for each other and accept each other as we are, everything around us would immediately seem so much brighter. A little compliment or just a smile, you'll see that it spreads like wildfire and you get twice as much back. Karma!

I am self-taught in all areas and love to create things, with fabric, flowers and twigs, jewels, text, photography, in my peaceful house, in my garden, on paper. I created my first painting, out of the blue in 2010; my style then developed naturally. I find inspiration in nature and the people I meet. I hope to make an impact and inspire people through a beautiful combination of colours and structure. 



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