Choosing the right painting


" Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder "

Bright or natural colours
Many people have a natural interior with sober shades like taupe or grey. This works well as a base for both a painting in natural taupe tones as a more colourful eye-catcher (see above pictures). The most important is what YOU like and what YOU feel comfortable with! A fact is that colour has a bigger impact on our mood than we often realise.
A good 'intermediate solution' is a painting with both taupe tones and some bright colours in it, e.g. Borneo or Coral Reef.

The right sized painting
You should also choose a painting that is the right size: take a good look at its future location and try to follow the 'line'. Some large walls are perfectly suited to a large square canvas. A horizontal object like a big sofa or side table often looks good with an oblong, landscape painting, whilst a vertical canvas really achieves its full effect in a large alcove, hallway or atrium.
However, as I use to say: Art is like Wine, be sure to pick what YOU like most!

Not too small
A painting is more likely to be too small than too large. Too small creates a bare effect, whilst large looks more chic and is an eyecatcher in your interior at the same time. Do not be afraid to let a painting have the wow-factor when you enter the room!

A wall in colour
Dare to give walls colour, this adds contrast and depth to an interior. Why not try a wall in a shade of grey or taupe, as you can see on the pictures of this website. Decide which wall you will be adding colour to in advance and take the direction of the light into account as well.
Both the taupe and the more colourful paintings of Taupe STUDIO fit perfectly on a wall in a taupe/grey (or other) shade.

Horizontal ánd vertical
Most of the paintings of Taupe STUDIO can be placed in a horizontal or vertical way. This is very useful in case you change a work of art or purchase another object. The frames of Taupe STUDIO come with a hanging system for both options. Create a completely different look!




Photography: Cissi Driessen

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